is a collective run by interpreters themselves. Direct contact with interpreters will save you time and money. Our members are a select group of top-notch conference interpreters who meet professional requirements of international organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union. Our members have interpreted for heads of state, members of parliaments, international organizations and multinational corporations. They have helped political and business leaders communicate during high-profile conferences and negotiations. Repeated business from high-profile clients has been an honor and the most convincing proof of our quality. The pride and pressure of being associated with what is recognized and rewarded as a high-profile profession motivates us to never stop advancing and learning. For an intelligent, faithful and culturally sensitive rendition of your message, contact NYC-Interpreters. has a mirror website for interpretation in Prague and an extensive network of contacts among top conference interpreters throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe. If you are organizing an event overseas, call us for a free consultation and referral.

We look forward to becoming your multilingual communication partner!

Michal Ginter and Yuliya Tsaplina