Conference Interpreting
Political: Heads of State and Government
Financial, Banking and Corporate
Anti-Terrorism International Cooperation
Non-Governmental Organizations
Other Activities
RESUME - Yuliya Tsaplina

  • 2000 – 2002 ESIT (Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation in Sorbonne), Paris.
    DESS (PhD equivalent) in Conference Interpretation
    Languages: Russian, English, French
  • 1993 – 1997 New York University, New York, NY
    BA in Economics with minor in Finance, cum laude

  • Conference Interpreter Russian (A), English (B), French (C)
  • Passed the State Department interpretation test.
  • Member of ATA and NYCT.

  • IMF and World Bank, Washington, DC
    Annual and Spring Meetings
    Simultaneous & Consecutive Russian <> English Simultaneous French > Russian
  • New York Stock Exchange, New York, NY
    President Putin - US Corporate Leaders Roundtable
    Simultaneous Russian <> English*
  • Italian Mission at the UN, New York, NY
    Igor Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia - EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs Meeting
    Simultaneous Russian <> English*
  • Evgeni Primakov - Henry Kissinger breakfast meeting
    Consecutive Russian <> English
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC
    International Council on Terrorism of former Heads of State and Government
    Simultaneous Russian <> English*

  • 7th Annual Russia-US Investment Symposium, Boston, MA
    Simultaneous Russian <> English
  • Financial Services Volunteer Corps, New York, NY
    Legislative Framework of U.S. Capital Markets Seminar
    Consecutive Russian <> English*
  • TaylorRafferty / Stroymetresurs, New York, NY
    Business meetings with investor community in preparation for IPO
    Consecutive Russian <> English*
  • Heidelberg, New York, NY
    Business Meeting on Printing & Publishing
    Consecutive Russian <> English
  • Financial Services Volunteer Corps, New York, NY
    Russian Banking Roundtable, Federal Reserve Meeting
    Simultaneous Russian <> English*

  • Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes Quarterly Conference, West Point, NY.
    Simultaneous Russian <> English
  • Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, Department of State, Richland, WA
    Seminar on Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Consecutive and Simultaneous Russian <> English
  • Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, Department of State,
    Albuquerque, NM
    Seminar on VIP Protection
    Consecutive and Simultaneous, Russian <> English
  • Anti-terrorism Assistance Program, Department of State,
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Seminar on Post-Blast Investigation
    Consecutive and Simultaneous, Russian <> English

  • Nadezhda Radio Station, Fort Lee, NJ
    Talk show Ask the Lawyer
    Consecutive Russian << English
  • RTN-WMNB TV& Radio, Fort Lee, NJ
    Simultaneous English & Russian

  • Open World , Appleton, WI
    Community International Development Security through Stability Conference
    Simultaneous Russian << English
  • Lawyers Alliance for World Security, Washington, DC
    NYC Bar Association meeting on Constitutional Federalism in Russia
    Consecutive Russian << English
  • USAID / AIHA Annual Conference, Washington, DC
    Ten Years of Health Systems Transition in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia
    Simultaneous and consecutive Russian « English
  • Project for Public Spaces, New York, NY
    5th International Public Market Conference
    Simultaneous and consecutive Russian « English*
  • American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, Washington, DC
    Human Rights and Prospects for Peace in Chechnya Conference
    Consecutive Russian << English

  • Moody's Investors Services, New York, NY
    Research analyst, Derivatives and Funds Group
  • The Conference Board, New York, NY
    Research associate, HR Capabilities Management Group